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MSc students

We are looking for some talented and motivated MSc research students!

Areas of Research:

  • Do bilinguals and monolinguals look at you differently? Face Scanning patterns of monolingual and bilingual children and adults while learning from novel and familiar interlocutors. (method: eye-tracking)

  • Do bilinguals learn new linguistic information easier than monolinguals? Physiological correlates of bilingual and monolingual cognitive development across the life span. (methods: EEG, heart rate, eye-tracking)

If you are interested in pursuing one of these programs in the BAM Lab, please e-mail Dr. Molnar directly:

Other opportunities

If you are an undergraduate or graduate research student and you share our passion for research in the area of bilingual and multilingual development, consider joining us as a Research Assistant! We always welcome volunteers and may offer Work Study opportunities.

Contact Dr. Molnar for further details: