Auditory Attention Development

Auditory Attention Development from Infancy to Childhood: A Systematic Review

Project Team: Wenfu Bao, Alisha Suri, Asli Hersi, Becky Gross, Bowrnamy Senthilrajah, Hiral Patel, Jareeat Purnava, Liliane Kreuder, Nicole Boles, Qadriy Naimi, Sharmigaa Ragunathan, Shumira Ranjith, Somayah Al-Ees, Xiaohan Hou, Yash Sharma

Project Description: Researchers have found that people who speak more than one language (i.e., bilinguals) are better at some cognitive tasks than those who speak only one language. Attention has been shown to be important to understand this bilingual effect. Up to this point the focus has been on visual attention; however, auditory attention may play a bigger role in language learning. Therefore, the current project aims to examine the research focusing on auditory attention in infants and children and highlight the major developmental milestones.