Language Learning

Online and In-Person Resources for Parents on Language Learning

Explore's Second Language Bursary Program

  • A 5-week intensive language immersion program

  • For ages 13+

  • Cost: bursary ($2000) + living expenses

  • Offered in the spring or summer

  • Provides opportunities for English-speaking students to study French and for French-speaking students to study English

  • Can be used for university credit

  • More details can be found here

Language Portal of Canada

  • Provides high-quality language resources

  • For all Canadian individuals who want to improve their language skills

  • Mainly for individuals learning English or French, but also offers options for those learning Spanish and Portuguese

  • More details can be found here

Markham Public Library Website

  • Provides both in-person and online language learning resources for individuals of all ages

  • Mango Languages, Little PIM and Goldfish Language School teach a variety of languages

  • Cost varies between programs

  • More details can be found here

Spanish Centre

  • Provides Spanish lessons to individuals of all ages

  • Cost varies between classes

  • Classes are offered to all individuals, regardless of experience

  • Classes are offered both in individual and group settings

  • Classes are offered both in-person and online

  • More details can be found here

Toronto District School Board's International Languages Elementary and African Heritage Program

  • Provides language instruction to children, with the hopes of helping them become active global citizens

  • You do not need to be a TDSB student to join

  • Available to students from kindergarten to grade 8

  • Cost is free with the exception of a $20 registration fee for materials

  • No prior language experience is required

  • Offers classes in a variety of languages

  • Many time slots available, including weekends

  • More details can be found here and information on their free remote summer program can be found here

York Region District School Board's International and Indigenous Languages Program

  • For individuals from senior kindergarten to grade 12 hoping to learn a new language, preserve their language or improve their intercultural awareness

  • You do not need to be a YRDSB student or have language experience

  • Cost is free with the exception of a resource fee

  • Classes are offered in a variety of languages, both in-person and online on Tuesday-Friday evenings and Saturday mornings

  • More details can be found here