Participate in a Study

The Online Literacy Study

  • Eligibility & sign-up: We are currently recruiting bilingual children between the ages of 4 and 8. If you are interested in signing your child up for the Online Literacy Study, please fill out our sign-up form!

  • What participating entails: After you fill out our sign-up form, one of our research assistants will contact you directly and ask you to sign up for a 1-hour Zoom session with one of our testers. During this session child will be asked to play a number of word games. Participants will be offered a $10 Chapters gift card for their time!

The Babbly Project

  • Eligibility & sign-up: If you have a baby between the ages of 3 and 18 months, and are interested in signing them up to participate in the Babbly project, please email Glynnis Dubois at

  • What participating entails: We would ask that you send at least 3 10-minute video recordings of you interacting with your baby. Participants will be given monetary compensation ($30) for their time).